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30-Day Detox - detox4moms

In 30 Days...

Go from drooling on the couch to jumping on the trampoline with your kids



  • counting calories
  • stuffing your food into silly portion control containers
  • spending a fortune on chalky protein powders
  • or spending countless hours in the grocery store hunting for ingredients you can't even pronounce!



  • eating real food
  • ridding your body of harmful toxins that promote inflammation, bloating, and make your hormones go cray-cray
  • gaining control over your binge cravings, and
  • embarking on a journey to a healthier,happier, and more spiritually intentional YOU! 




  • you can conquer your to-do list without needing an IV drip of caffeine
  • you can be the supermom you've always wanted to be
  • you can rock the PTO meeting looking like a ray of sunshine at the end of the day instead of looking like the living dead!
  • you can finally share the boundless love and energy you've gained with the people you care about the most.

Click on the video to learn more about a four-letter word...

"...Now that I've finished the detox, I feel more centered, my health is much better, and I have more energy."

Certified Health & Wellness Coach



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Hi! I'm Linda. I'm so happy you're here!

I'm a former junk-food junkie.  Here's why:

One morning into motherhood, I realized that I just couldn’t function. I felt sluggish, tired, had major brain fog, and was grumpy. I felt all around gross. I did have my thyroid checked because I’m “at that age” (whatever THAT means), and all “levels were good.” If my levels checked out well, then what in the world was eating away at my mind, body, and ultimately, my soul?  Turns out, I was doing these things to myself!  I was eating crap; therefore, I was feeling like crap!

I needed a detox in a MAJOR way. My physical state was wrecking my life as a mom: I was impatient with my AMAZING kids (I’m not exaggerating; they really are top-notch!), I was tired all.of.the.time, and I slept like crap. I wasn't taking care of myself, and in return, I couldn't even take care of the people whom I love and adore the most--my family.

So I did a detox with REAL FOOD—no supplements or other crazy woo-woo stuff (but I did buy a juicer! #guilty), and my life started to take a turn for the better. I had more energy, vitality, and was given a dose of happiness and was filled with an abundance of LOVE—I may have even lost a few pounds and my skin may have looked like it was moisturized with the glow of morning dew from fairyland! Oh, and that brain fog? Gone. Completely gone! #truestory

So Momma, are you ready to get started with an easy detox4moms Detox™? If you are, then let's get you started on your journey to a more fabulous YOU!!!

"You will never regret what you do in life, you will only regret what you don't do."

-Wayne Dyer

Here's what you'll get in the

detox4moms 30-Day Detox™


It's time to get happy, healthy and REAL!!

Diving into Major Mindset Change

What in the world does this mean?!  This is probably one of the most significant parts of the 30-day detox.  This is what sets this plan apart than all the other food plans out there.  Sure, food plans exist because there are people like you and me who want to be healthier and want to lost weight. Hooray!  BUT.......they are all missing a very important component:  the emotional mindset that every single person will go through in order to have success in ANY program s/he chooses to do. 

If you want a real change that will target the mind, body and soul, then this is the program for YOU! 

During the 30-day detox, we will be covering the 5-Mindset Pillars of Change™.  We will be covering a pillar each week where we will listen to our bodies as they are transforming and changing, and also acknowledge the change that is happening with your mind and soul. 
You will learn what the 5-Mindset Pillars of Change™ are and we will target a pillar each week.  These pillars of change are essential in helping you take back your life in a way that you've never experienced before.

With every week of the detox, there is a mental shift that goes on and I help you identify it and embrace it.  This actually brings more purpose and meaning to the entire detox.  This isn't just another diet program. If you want a diet program, go call Jenny Craig or buy a cookbook that gives you major brain drain from following each tedious measurement.  But if you want something more meaningful and want to KNOW the reasons this detox is going to do your body AND your soul some good, then these pillars are it.  The pillars are what helps anyone finish this program successfully, but you have to do the work. 

Each week, you will get an email that describes each pillar and has a questionnaire that helps you dive into each pillar. You have to be brutally honest with yourself to make the work count.  This forces you to get out of your comfort zone and really face the things that are holding you back in your life. It's time to play big, and to stop playing so small in the game of life that you're leading. Remember, there are little ones watching you, and you most definitely need to be on top of you GAME!

In addition to doing some self-reflection with each pillar, we will have a group call where we will gather in a safe place and address each topic. If sharing isn't your thing, get on the call anyway, and you will be surprised at the perspective these calls will bring to your life.  


Menu Plan

This includes:

  • Saving you loads of time of figuring out your game plan for weekly meal prep.
  • A menu plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can answer the dreaded "What's for dinner?" question like a BOSS!
  • Recipes so easy-to-follow that your 10-year-old will be able to read and understand them. Heck, you 10-year-old just might be able to MAKE THE MEAL! (then you can secretly go off and watch another episode of Chip and Joanna withOUT interruptions!)
  • A shopping guide to keep you from getting distracted by the cookie aisle--we all know how that goes!
  • A snack menu that will keep you from passing out at 4 o'clock p.m.
Smoothie and Juice Recipes

You'll get my go-to smoothie recipes for a satisfying snack, and my favorite green juice recipe to help get some added micronutrients into your body! Face it, you're just not getting enough micronutrients in your body, and juicing is the best way to do it!
I'll also have a juicing menu and a menu for detox waters just for YOU!

You will thank me later! <wink!> <wink!>

Access to Private FB Support

Accountability is an important part in reaching any goal. That's why you'll be included in a private group where you'll be part of a community where there are other mommas who are going through the same things as you are. 

Weekly Question & Answer Session

Included in this 30-Day detox is a LIVE Q&A session with others in the detox4moms™ group where you submit questions and I answer them for you! 
See something on the menu that just won't work for you or you can't find it? No worries...I'll have the answers you need during this Q&A that you won't want to miss!

Get Started NOW!!

"Since starting the detox...my genetically high cholesterol dropped 20 points!" 

-S.H., Clinical Liaison

Here is what people are saying about detox4moms


I would recommend anyone to try a detox! It will change your LIFE!

I have always been intrigued by doing a cleanse and also juicing, but never knew where to start.  I also wanted to feel better from my recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis. 

Linda was great and was helpful without being pushy; she encouraged me and helped me improvise when needed!

I would recommend anyone to try it. Why not? Does anyone really have a reason not to try something that may change their life? 

-Shazia H., Clinical Liaison

This detox is a must-do for moms who everywhere!

After Linda's full 30-day program, I had heightened spirituality. Revelation came more frequently and was clear. I was happier, my skin looked more beautiful than ever, increased my energy, and I even loved myself more than ever. I was no longer addicted to sugar!

I would most definitely recommend detox4moms for anyone who has failed in starting a cleanse, for those who need accountability, and for those who truly desire a change but can't do it alone.  

-Lisa W., Spiritual Transformational Coach

Linda helped me with my well-being!

I felt so supported by Linda. I LOVED our weekly chats and calls and I felt much more centered afterwards. I definitely recommend detox4moms for anyone who wants to feel great again!


-Casey C., Certified Health Coach

I loved the support and positive affirmations!

I joined detox4moms because I wanted to lose weight, have more energy, and I would recommend Linda's program for anyone who wants to jump-start a healthy dietary change!

- Marylynn G., Paralegal

I came back to Linda because I like the way her meal plan makes me feel!


I did the Detox4Mom’s 30-day detox about a year ago and loved the way it made me feel and the support I received from Linda and the Detox4Moms tribe. I came back to Detox4Moms for a reboot with this 5-day detox. I love that the meals are filling, but also leave me feeling light and refreshed! The 5-day is a great jump-start, and it has inspired me to continue onto the 30-day detox again!

-Kay C., Domestic Engineering Goddess

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to spend each day making meals?

That depends. If you follow my prep guide offered in the program, then most meals should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. It all depends on how well-versed you are in the kitchen. If you can make Top Ramen, then you can make the meals in the detox program!

The important thing is to use the shopping guide provided to you and also to prep the food that you need to prep for the week—and that doesn’t take long, either!

What can I expect from this detox?

You can expect to feel a little tired as you’re ridding your body of its addictions to sugar and other not-so-good for you foods. Your body will recalibrate and will force you to take it easy these 5-days. I recommend you carve out your schedule to make time to do this detox correctly, listen to your body, and to even take a nap if you need to!

Will I lose weight on this detox?

You’ll definitely be on the right track! Despite what other fad diets may claim, it is not realistic to expect to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss over a five day period. However, depending on your body, metabolism, how well you stick to the menu plan, and whether you incorporate daily juicing into your routine, you will begin to take back control over your eating and cravings, which over time, could help you reach your weight-loss goals.

In fact, just check out the testimonials of those who participated in the 30-day detox program. Nearly everyone who I’ve coached through that program reported significant weight loss that stayed off!

Do I need to buy all organic foods?

The purpose of the detox is to rid the body of additional hormones, herbicides and pesticides that it has accumulated. So to answer your question, yes. Buy organic as much as possible. If anything, stick to the list of the foods you should ALWAYS buy organically and the list of foods that don’t have to be organic. The list is included in the program-cool, huh?

Will I need to buy extra kitchen appliances like a juicer or blender?

That depends. I recommend having both if you’re going to commit to my longer programs (14-day, 21-day, 30-day program). I love having a juicer and it totally allows for your body to absorb all the micronutrients it needs for premium vitamin and mineral absorption! I also love having my blender because it serves me well for making a great snack that’s super-charged and healthy!
Plus, your weight loss and overall health will get an added BOOST if you start incorporating juicing and smoothies as soon as you can!


What if I’ve tried a detox before and I couldn’t finish it?

No worries! You’ll get access to my group of other detoxing mommas out there who are going through the same things you are. I’ll also be checking in to support you, and you’ll also have the support of all the other mommas who get it!

Can I drink alcohol or coffee during the detox?

Alcohol, no. Coffee? One cup in the morning with NO sugar and full, organic cream ONLY. 

Remember, doing a detox is breaking bad habits and addictions. If you’re craving your Diet Cokes with Sonic ice, your energy drink, or a Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Caramel Macchiato at 4, then you’ve got a problem and we are going to fix that!

Get liberated and dump your dependence on foods that are harmful to your body. A detox is meant to free your mind, BODY, and soul. Dump your S.A.D. diet, and get HAPPY with real food! You can do it, momma; I know you can. It's time to make YOURSELF a priority!

Don't put off the change you crave for your body and soul any longer.